Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker Machine India 2020

A portable electric popcorn maker is a household appliance that specializes exclusively in making fresh popcorn. The goal is to produce as much popcorn as possible in as short a time as possible. Popcorn machines are used for both commercial and private purposes and delight children and adults alike.

Popcorn is actually popcorn, the kernels of which are heated until they pop. This “popped” corn is – depending on taste – sweet or savory, then served as an aromatic snack, often still hot. In principle, popcorn can also be prepared with conventional kitchen utensils, but with a special popcorn machine, it is easier and faster.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Popcorn Maker

We all love to enjoy delicious and crunchy popcorns in front of a movie, during the holidays, at video parties, or on a walk. It is a snack enjoyed by young and old alike. It can be prepared in different ways, but with a popcorn machine, it’s faster and more efficient. Moreover, you have the possibility of making healthier popcorns, without oil, with this type of device.

Do you also want to buy that kitchen equipment to make homemade popcorns easily? Keep in mind that not all models available on the market are created equal. It is therefore essential to consider certain key points to avoid unpleasant surprises.

When you go to purchase this machine, the first thing to look at is the technique of heating the popcorn. Indeed, it is essential for your health and that of your family to opt for a device that heats corn with hot air and not with oil. Also, be sure to compare multiple deals to find the one that offers the best value for your money.

HVN 1200W Hot Air Snacks Maker

Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker Machine India 2020


1. This popcorn maker is using hot air technology, 100% Popcorn Machine Oil-Free Makes Popcorn A Healthier Snack Choice For The Whole Family.

2. It comes with the On/Off Switch Making It exceptionally easy to operate and extra safe.

3. The Popping Chamber Is Made Of Food-Grade Aluminum Alloy, Which Contains No Harmful Chemical Substances

FosCadit Household Big Electric Popcorn Maker

In second place in our comparison, we find the Foscadit a popcorn machine with a round but elegant design at the same time. This appliance is equipped with a rotating blade that ensures to mix the popcorns and seasonings well for perfect distribution.

This is a multipurpose snack maker: popcorn. Peanuts,  cashew nuts, rice tubes, finger chips, papad, coffee beans. One press button easy to operate only needs 3 minutes. Hot air circulation technology makes it easy to use without butter or oil.


Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker Machine India 2020


MG SALESS Portable Electric Popcorn Maker


Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker Machine India 2020


This is the third-best portable electric popcorn maker machine Special heat dissipation at the bottom low noise effectively protect the machine body from being damaged more durable.

One press button easy to operate only needs 3 minutes DIY your favorite taste popcorn Transparent plastic cover can be used as a popcorn container very convenient.

Anup Plastic EZ Popcorn Maker

Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker Machine India 2020

This is the fourth-best portable electric popcorn maker easily removable non-stick cooking plate flips with the bowl for easy serving quick-heat halogen technology allows popcorn to pop 30% faster than traditional stirring popcorn makers – no preheating needed

How a popcorn machine works

A popcorn machine works with hot air. Indeed, it is equipped with a system that diffuses hot air and circulates in the device to heat the corn seeds and make them burst.

Thus, you will not need oil to prepare your popcorns, just insert the corn seeds in the machine and turn it on. What sets this device apart from other devices for making popcorns is its power which allows it to transform corn in record time.

With a popcorn machine, you can prepare popcorns with much less fat and therefore healthier. It usually comes with a measuring cup so you can measure the number of seeds to pop.

A transparent removable cover and an on / off switch are also available to simplify its use. For your movie nights with family, friends, or alone, this device allows you to try all the recipes worthy of the movie theaters while saving money.

How To Chose The Best Popcorn Maker Machine


One of the criteria that you must take into account when choosing your popcorn machine is its capacity. In other words, the amount of popcorn you can make on one tour.

This is essential to be able to make popcorns for the whole family without wasting a lot of time. On the market, you will find machines offering bowls with a capacity that can vary from 50 to 170g perfect for serving a family of one to 10 people.

Easy to clean

Consider the maintenance of the machine before making a choice. Indeed, like all equipment intended for culinary preparations, the popcorn machine must also be cleaned regularly to keep it clean and prolong its durability.

So be sure to choose a machine that offers components that are easily removable and washable in water, or more advantageously, that are dishwasher-safe. This will allow you to clean quickly and efficiently.

Function with/without oil

To prepare healthier and more economical popcorns, it would be interesting to opt for a popcorn machine that works with hot air, that is to say without oil or fat. By choosing this type of device, you will be able to benefit from less greasy popcorns and therefore more beneficial for the whole family.

The design

There are various designs of popcorn maker on the market. The design of the appliance plays an important role in the layout of your kitchen.

You will find the retro styles which remind us of the 50s, the classic styles which are also easy to use, the more modern and elegant styles which are also powerful, the funnier designs to add a touch of cheerfulness in your kitchen or even futuristic designs. Take into account your kitchen decor and size when choosing the design of your popcorn maker.

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