Best electric mosquito killer lamp India

Best electric mosquito killer lamp India



Feature and details

Light Source that Imitates Human Body: 365 nm bionic violet wave, Mosquito Killer Lamp utilizes the human bionic innovation to build the fascination of mosquitoes for 60m². Precisely pull in mosquitoes.

Sound system Surround Trap: Three-dimensional wrap and update wind current vortex framework, the mosquito executioner light can suck any little creepy crawlies like the mosquito, moth, and little bugs into mosquito box.

Quiet Noise Reduction Optimization: = 45dB solid mosquito control, it won’t upset your rest around evening time. Make the most of your sweet dreams without the badgering of mosquito.

Try not to need to shower any concoction mosquito repellent. No harmful, no concoction, and no scent produce. It is more advantageous than customary bug repellent or bug critic, splash, and incense. No mischief for kids or pregnant ladies ‘ wellbeing and condition.

USB Power Supply: The electronic mosquito critic can be fueled by any USB gadget, for example, a PC, power banks, workstations, telephone charging connectors, etc. It very well may be utilized in the room, corridor, inn, office, travel, outdoors, and whatever other spots where requirements murdering mosquitoes.

Key Feature

  • This is an electric mosquito killer lamp, with small size and lightweight, easy to carry around.


  •  Use the artificial light source to trap mosquito, use the upgrade airflow vortex system strong suction mosquitoes, three-dimensional surround, and mapping.


  • Suitable to be used in bedroom, kitchen, living room, and other outdoor activities. Specifications: Color:Black/White(optional) Material: Plastics Voltage: DC 5V/220 mA Wattage :2W Area:51-100㎡ Item weight:302g Item size:180x100x100mm.



Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps Super Trap Mosquito Killer Machine 


Feature and details

  • This mosquito trap killer features 365nm bionic purple light wave trapping technology in which mosquitoes have no resistance, pure physical way to kill mosquitoes efficiently.


  • Compact: mosquito killer lamp, very easy to carry and use, very convenient at home or travel.


  • No chemicals: No more pesticides or harmful sprays. Useful bug zapper does not pose a threat to the health of humans or pets and is ideally suited where insecticides cannot be sprayed like kitchens and hospitals.


  • Dual-use: can be used as a night light, saving power, electronic insect killer with a soft blue light at night is more pleasing, and can eliminate all flying insects. Almost no noise, will not disturb your sweet dreams.


  • The operation is simple and widely used: just plug in the plug, press the button, it is a bug mosquito trap, the mosquito killer can work without noise! A home hospital kitchen warehouse can be used.

Key Feature

  • The mosquito trap executioner in the room must be opened in advance(at least 3 hours). Try not to turn it on until sleep time.


  • The impact is better in the uninhabited condition since individuals’ internal heat level and smell are increasingly appealing to mosquitoes.


  • This item utilizes the physical method to murder mosquitoes, it can’t slaughter a mosquito when simply turning it on.


  • Try not to open the base plate promptly in the first part of the day on the grounds that the mosquitoes caught inside the plate may fly out. Keep it running for 2 additional hours with the goal that the mosquitoes choke to death.


  • For the snare to work effectively it ought to be set far away from the fan and the room ought to be kept as dim as could be expected under the circumstances.


  • Thing size: 19*13cm Packaging size:13*13*19.5 cm Weight: 400g  Color: Black and White Nominal voltage: 220V Rated power: 5W.

  USB Mosquito Killer Lamp Electronic LED Light


Feature and details

  • SPECS:Made of security ABS material;Coverage Area:51-100 Square meters;Power Cord Length:Approx 108cm/42.52in;Product Size: about 12*21.5cm/4.72*8.46in.


  • PRINCIPLE:368nm LED purple light with human bionic technology lures the mosquitoes.A strong air circulation system sucks the mosquitoes and traps them in the tray. When the mosquito is sucked into the capture grid, it is difficult to escape the powerful fan vortex that has been squeezed by the cyclone to the bottom of the mosquito tray. Let him die dehydrated and air dry.


  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC:Non-Radiation;No smell;Non-Toxic.It is safe to use in the living room and not harm to pregnant women, children, or pets. Safer than traditional mosquito killers.


  • CONVENIENT: More convenient power supply via a standard USB charging cable. It can be connected to a mobile phone charging head and a laptop.


  • PACKAGED INCLUDED:1PCS Mosquito Killer Lamp with USB charging cable.


  • USB and PLUG set, suitable for all situations.Good quality and long lifetime. Say Goodbye to painful bites.No harm to your health. Super mute for both pregnant women and babies.No need to spray chemical mosquito repellent and other liquids release. Whether in indoor and outdoor use.

Key feature

  • It will get a better effect on a closed space.


  •  Mosquito is active after five o’clock in the evening, remember to open your mosquito lamp in advance if you are going to use this in your bedroom.


  •  When you are not home, the mosquito likes to stay in the damp or dark places (such as the bathroom, kitchen and utility room, etc). The USB mosquito lamp will be more effective in these places.


  •  For the first time, it is recommended to keep the machine on for more than 48 hours. During this period, please do not open the mosquito tray lest the undehydrated mosquito escape.


  • Specifications:- -Weight: 310g – Voltage: 110-220V – Power: 5W – Input: DC5V-1A – Cable length: 35 inches – Size: 4.7×4.7×8.2 inches – Quantity: 1Pc – Occasions: Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Dining Room, Bedroom, Outdoor Garden Patio Backyard.

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